My work utilizes the Cyanotype process; an ancient photographic printing process, using the light from the sun to create cyan-blue photograms (e.g. blueprints). This print was made using an adjustment to the traditional cyanotype process. As well as coating the paper with potassium ferricyanide & ferric ammonium citrate, I also added water and soap, before exposure to sunlight. The paper was then washed thoroughly to create the final image, known as a wet-cyanotype.

 Every Cyanopype is unique. I use leaves I have collected, pressed, and dried from my Life travels as stencils. I aggregate them in abstract playful ways creating flow and balance. every cyanotype print is arranged differently and  Prints will vary because the brightness of the sun has changed, or the temperature of the chemistry may have changed, or the coating on the paper may be slightly different than a previous batch.

Cyanotype print includes a custom-made magnetic wooden print hanger. Hand made by me :)

Art and hanger are shipped together in a tube.