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Candiché Art



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Original Cyanotype on Cotton

37”h x 37”w; Depth 3/4”

Immerse yourself in the intricate dance of nature with this original cyanotype print by Candiche Art. This piece features a variety of flora, each meticulously selected during travels, hikes, and time spent volunteering in botanical gardens, speaking a silent language of form and texture. Developed under the sun's radiant glow, the print presents a captivating juxtaposition of delicate white impressions against a deep Prussian blue background. This artwork is more than an image; it is an intimate journey, a tangible echo of light, and a unique homage to the often overlooked beauty in our world, ready to transform your space.

This cyanotype is printed on premium cotton fabric, professionally stretched over a 3/4 inch thick wooden frame for a sleek, gallery-style look. Your artwork comes ready-to-hang with flat mount D-ring hangers and wire included. Enjoy the versatility of this piece by altering the orientation to suit your space, simply by repositioning the hardware


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