Shining a light on nature

From a young age, I had always felt a deep connection to nature and its elements. Inspired by the power of the natural world, my art is intended to encourage others to foster their personal relationship with the environment. Enjoy!

New Gold Collection

11x30" Hand Painted Gold Cyanotypes11x30" Hand Painted Gold Cyanotypes
  • 15x22"

    Inspired by nature,I have combined my love of botanical and floral imagery to the Cyanotype process.

  • 11X30”

    Cyanotypes are a photographic technique that involves two chemicals which react with the sunlight, creating a blue color similar to water.

  • 22x30"

    Each cyanotype is a handmade original. It is an intensive hands-on process and each print is treated individually to give each one unique characteristic.

  • Work with me to create a special piece of artwork.

     I would love to create a custom piece of artwork for your home. I can work with you to create a Cyanotype from leaves that you send me from your favorite places that inspire you, or we can create a piece of art in any size you’d like and incorporate the flora, design elements, and style to make your piece one of a kind. 

    For more details please email me at