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Inspiration for Your Space

Explore the ideal arrangement for your space with my collection of original cyanotypes. Choose from three paper sizes or make a statement with large 4 by 8 feet pieces on cotton. Enjoy the freedom to mix, match, and play with different configurations to reflect your unique style, all complemented by the option of custom frames. Browse through the example images below for inspiration to enhance various settings—be it your home, office, or a hotel. Whether it's adding vibrancy to a living room, tranquility to a bedroom, calm to a bathroom, or a welcoming atmosphere to hallways and corporate spaces, these handpicked visuals are here to ignite your creativity and help you discover the perfect placement for my artwork in your environment.

First Feature: Large Scale Fabric Artworks

Elevate your living space with a touch of nature with this large-scale, 4 by 8 feet original cyanotype. Its deep blues and detailed leaf patterns bring a peaceful, natural vibe to any room. Designed to harmonize with modern decor, this artwork serves as a captivating centerpiece, infusing your home with a soothing tranquility.

If you have questions about these artworks or need guidance on handling them, feel free to reach out and don't forget to take a look at my framing guide for tips on shipping and stretching these large-scale pieces.

Framing Makes All the Difference

To get a look close to what you're seeing in these photos, I really recommend getting in touch with a professional framer. Framing can truly transform a piece, and it's worth getting it just right.

I've put together a handy guide that sums up everything I've learned from my own framing adventures. It's full of tips and advice to help you out.

Up Next: My 11 x 30" Collection

Our sleek 11 x 30s are bestsellers for a reason — they're perfect for any space, big or small. Loved for their versatility, these pieces shine alone or as part of a set. Pair them with our larger 22 x 30 prints for a stunning visual impact. See below how these prints can transform your space into a showcase of calm and creativity.

Need a Hand Picking the Perfect Piece?

If there's a special place in your home craving an artistic touch, and you're unsure which piece would be the perfect fit, don't worry — I'm here to help. I understand that choosing from a wide collection can be overwhelming. Just send me some photos of your space, and together we'll find the ideal artwork from my collection to enhance your home's ambiance. If you're close by, I'm happy to visit for a personal consultation. Otherwise, with useful virtual tools, we can create mockups to visualize how the artwork will look in your room, much like the examples on this page.

22 x 30" Collection

The 22 x 30 inch artwork are the largest in my paper series and are perfectly sized for making a statement without dominating your space. They offer an ideal blend of presence and adaptability, and the larger canvas allows me to create compositions with more significant leaf forms that truly stand out. These pieces are commonly sold as diptychs and have become particularly popular over a sofa

15 x 22" Collection

Discover the charm of my 15 x 22 artwork, perfectly sized for versatility and visual impact. These mid-sized pieces are excellent for crafting an elegant gallery wall, offering various arrangement possibilities to complement your personal style and space. Particularly popular for adorning the space above a bed, they bring a serene and artistic touch to any bedroom

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