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Complete the Piece

After selecting your artwork, the next step is to consider the framing. A well-chosen frame not only enhances the artwork itself but also harmonizes with the style of your room. Since 2019, I've taken a hands-on approach to frame my artwork, emphasizing attention to detail, and creating distinctive presentations.

Framing Options

A) Your Local Professional Framer

I always value the skill and craftsmanship found in local frame shops. Here are my recommendations for framing your artwork:

Fabric Art:

For fabric pieces, I recommend using 1.5-inch stretcher bars. This provides strong support and enhances the overall appearance of the artwork. Pair these with a floating frame that's 7/8 inch deep to create a modern and sleek look. You have the option to choose between classic white or warm nut brown to best match your room's decor.

Paper Art:

All of my paper artwork is created on high quality handmade paper that has a deckled edge. I highly recommend you don't hide this under a mat, but rather show off the edges by floating the artwork on top of the mat, and using a frame that provides more depth.

For paper artworks, my go-to is to float the artwork with a 3 to 4-inch mat in a deep shadow box style frame. This style, which is available in both white or nut brown, really makes the artwork stand out and grab attention.

What to tell your framer:

  • White shadow box style frame, 2" deep.
  • The artwork should be floated within the frame by raising it off of the mat so the edges of the paper are visible and it appears to be floating within the frame.
  • There should be 3 inches of white mat on all sides.
  • For an added touch, please include a blue mat board on the inside interior walls of the frame to make the piece pop.

In the Palm Beach Area:

For those in or around Palm Beach, I highly recommend Artworks of Northwood for their outstanding framing services. As an added bonus, you'll receive a 20% discount when you bring in my original artwork for framing.

B) Framed by Me

I'm happy to take care of the framing for your artwork. I partner with Artworks of Northwood in West Palm Beach for these services:

  • Paper Art: I frame paper art in a white floating frame with a blue 3-inch mat. The price varies depending on the artwork's size. Good news – I can ship these custom framed paper pieces to anywhere in the country.
  • Fabric Art: The fabric pieces are quite large, but I can frame them for you too. However, I would need to deliver these in person due to their size. Shipping them is possible, but it's pricey because we'd need to build a special crate.

For anyone in Florida, you have the option to either pick up your framed piece from the shop or have me deliver it directly to your home.

C) Online / Send-Away Framing (Paper Artwork)

For those who prefer the convenience of online services, I recommend the following options based on my positive experiences:

  • Simply Framed: I've used their services in the past and can vouch for the excellent quality of their frames, which come at a reasonable price. Ordering from them is straightforward and user-friendly. Simply Framed
  • Framebridge: Another great online framing option, known for their wide range of styles and reliable service. Framebridge

As an added bonus, both Simply Framed and Framebridge offer a 10% discount on your first order, making it even more accessible to beautifully frame your chosen artwork.

D) Ready-Made Frames

Stores like Michaels offer a wide selection of ready-made frames. I recommend buying a larger frame to allow for a mat, giving your artwork more space and breathing room. However, many of my pieces are unique sizes and may require custom framing.


Can my artwork be placed in direct sunlight?

The amount of direct sunlight your artwork receives is a key factor. If the piece gets about two hours of sunlight a day, it should be fine.

However, if it's exposed to several hours of direct sunlight continuously, I recommend using UV light-filtering glass. This special glass will help protect the colors and materials from fading and damage due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

It's an effective way to ensure the longevity and vibrancy of your artwork.

Do you recommend glass or acrylic for framing?

I use both, depending on the specific needs of each situation. For pieces that I'm shipping, I prefer to use framer's acrylic. This is to lower the risk of breakage and also to reduce the weight of the package. For art shows, I usually opt for glass, but that is just my preference as it's less susceptible to scratching, however more likely to break. Both materials are really excellent for protecting and displaying artwork.

Orders will be shipped with DHL Air Express for a flat $35. (4-6 business days)


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